Commercial InsectControl Experts in San Angelo

San Angelo Mosquito Control is a reputable insect removal company that can help exterminate mosquitoes and other bugs from your home or business premise. You can rely on us for these services since our firm is locally owned and operated.

Our misting-systems include an active insecticide solution that’s irritating to insects and acts as a ‘flushing agent’ to make them come out of their hiding corners. The ingredient acts quickly on insects causing them to drop down almost immediately after their exposure. Nevertheless, despite being harmful on insects the compound is still safe on humans and won’t cause any adverse side-effects on anyone passing by. To learn more about our misting services, kindly call us today for a free quote.

Commercial Insect Misting

At San Angelo Mosquito Control, we provide effective pest-control services for commercial centers plagued with mosquitoes and other irritating insects. We can install custom mosquito misting systems on your premise to act as a barrier for protecting your company against bug infestations.

Our fully automated mosquito control units emit a fine blend of organic insecticide through misting slots installed on the premise. It can be programmed to initiate a mist after every 30-60 second interval each night at sunset, or during morning hours at sunrise when mosquitoes tend to be most active. Our commercial insect misting systems can control up to 85pct of mosquitoes in your premise and can be applied in all seasons throughout the year.

Business Insect Removal

Our state-of-the-art misting systems are the perfect choice for insect control in business settings. The unit can be discreetly placed inside your business, where it would be effective at repelling bugs but also inconspicuous enough so that your customers don’t see it when they walk into your business. Installing one in your business will help protect your guests from hazardous vector-borne diseases caused by bugs such as mosquitoes.

Moreover, we can customize our insect misting system so that it meets your specific pest control needs or the design of your business setup. We can either put up our innovative tankless mosquito misting system or the conventional drum-based mosquito misting model in your business, so long as the unit is in a place that’s convenient to a water faucet and power outlet.

Our insect misting systems are precision-engineered to be most active when mosquitoes are detected, the appropriate amount of vapor insecticide will be dispersed to deal with them right at the moment they enter your business.

Restaurant Insect Removal

If you’re in the restaurant and hospitality industry, one of your main goals is creating a calm environment for your guests. We can help you do this by removing mosquitoes and other irritating insects from the eatery, through using our effective insect misting systems for restaurants.

Our proven misting solution is designed to provide complete coverage against bugs around your restaurant interior, decks, and even patios. We work with experienced and fully-licensed technicians who shall install quality misting systems for your restaurant, at any time or day that’s most convenient for you. Apart from mosquitoes, our premium misting systems are also effective at removing spiders, flies, wasps, gnats, fleas, and ticks among other insects.

Through our services, we shall help you retain your customers so that they don’t run away to other competing restaurants complaining of unpleasant insect bites coming from your own.

Outdoor Restaurants

We also service outdoor restaurants which are more susceptible to bug infestations due to their open nature. Our fine mist is designed to drift around your outdoor restaurant, where it settles onto the grass and surrounding landscaping killing any mosquitoes, spiders, gnats, and flies that are on the way. Moreover, shortly after it has done its job, the organic mist insecticide is degraded by sunlight and other environmental factors so that it doesn’t leave any residue or smell on your outdoor restaurant.

Furthermore, our top-range misting system can be configured with an automatic sensor that temporarily pauses misting when the wind is too heavy, and turns it back on when the conditions are favorable so that the misting can be as effective as possible.

San Angelo Mosquito Control offers reliable insect misting services in San Angelo, Texas and its environs. We can give you a free estimate by filling the form available on our website.